Week Long Workouts for March Break

With March break fast approaching, it can be challenging to find ways to keep busy and stay active when being at home for a week. Even though March break is a well-needed time to reset and relax, it is crucial that we still prioritize our daily exercise. If you seem to be out of ideas on how to stay active this March break, here is a week-long workout schedule you can follow that is challenging but will keep you off the couch!


With Monday being the first official day of spring break, it makes sense to indulge in some couch time and treat yourself to a movie marathon and a well-deserved alarm snooze… or two! However, to keep things simple but still feel good about getting in a workout, try planning a walk around your neighborhood or a local conservation area hike for at least thirty minutes. Getting your steps in and going for a family or solo walk is an easy way to boost your cardiovascular health and improve your muscle endurance! If going for a walk seems boring to you, finding a music playlist or interesting podcast can make the trip seem less like a chore and more of a self-care necessity!


If you are planning on staying in, Youtube workouts are a perfect option for you! Do you feel like doing a low-impact upper body workout or a meditative yoga session? Whatever workout you are feeling can be easily accomplished at home – no need for a gym membership when you have internet access! If you are in the mood to wind down and feel more connected to your body, practicing yoga will get you in the zone. Not only does yoga focus on flexibility and muscle strength, but this form of activity also improves your energy, vitality, and circulatory health.


Midway through the week deserves a trip outside of the house. It may be snowing where you live, but that does not mean you cannot pretend you are on a tropical vacation! Visit your local in-door pool for a great cardio session for a fun and unique workout. This full-body workout is refreshing but challenges your cardiovascular fitness and strengthens your heart and lungs. Swimming is a great workout and a way to try something new while ensuring the family is having fun, and you are burning off some calories.


Instead of watching your favorite sport on television, why not make an effort in playing the sport in real life. Whether you prefer football, basketball, or soccer, these sports are great additions to your weekly workout routine. Challenge a friend or family member to a one-on-one game while building up your endurance and maintaining your blood sugar levels. Practicing a sport instead of watching others do it on TV is a great weekly fitness goal to achieve!


For your last day of March break, why not go out of your comfort zone and try a Zumba or dance class! So many people undermine how complex dance is and how great of a cardio workout it can be. Zumba is a fun and carefree form of exercise that tones your entire body. There are thousands of step-by-step Zumba dance class videos online to choose from if you prefer working out at home. A few key benefits of doing Zumba are improving your coordination, heart health, and allowing yourself to have fun with completing your daily fitness activity.

With this week-long workout schedule, you are guaranteed to achieve your daily physical activity goal and try some new workouts along the way! Remember that a small amount of exercise a day is vital to your overall health.

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