Do Canadians suffer from Vitamin D Deficiency?

Vitamin D is a vital vitamin that supports numerous body functions like immunity, bone health, and cardiovascular health. However, although there are many ways to obtain vitamin D into our bodies, most people neglect the importance of how it boosts our daily energy levels and general health.

For Canadians, ensuring we get enough vitamin D, especially during the rainy season, is crucial to strengthening our immunity system and fighting off common sicknesses, diseases, and viruses like COVID-19. Vitamin D is more so significant to those with diabetes. It has been found that a lack of vitamin D causes an increase in developing this disease and normal regulation of blood sugar levels, energy, and even calcium absorption.

There are several ways to prevent vitamin D deficiency, and it can begin with testing your levels and watching the food you eat. Fish, eggs, yogurt, fortified orange juice and milk, and even certain types of cereal are vitamin D enriched foods that can be easily found at any grocery store or could already be in your kitchen at home. Getting enough vitamin D does not mean you have to change your diet – it is all about finding the right balance and educating yourself on which foods benefit your immune system and bone density. In addition, incorporating these foods into your everyday diet will increase your energy as well as your physical and mental health.

Another great way to avoid vitamin D deficiency is by spending time outside and letting the sun do all the work! Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin because of its unique way of gaining natural vitamin D through skin exposure and sunrays. Therefore, it is imperative to give your skin at least twenty to thirty minutes of bright sunlight each day to increase your vitamin D levels, even during the winter months. This can be easily accomplished by going for a walk, doing a quick workout outside, or even enjoying your morning beverage or meal on the porch. The more time you spend outdoors increases the amount of vitamin D being produced! Another simple way of adding vitamin D into your daily routine is by taking vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D supplements can be found at your local pharmacy and come in different forms like pills, gummies, and even drinks. To ensure you take the best form of vitamin D for your body, talk to your trusted medical professional.

Now that you are educated on the benefits of vitamin D and how a deficiency is harmful to your immune system, bone health, and overall general health – the tips and tricks above should get you started on a journey full of outdoor activities and strong immunity!

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