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MediSure ComfortClick™ Insulin Pen Needles

Has the technology that highly accurately delivers insulin into the fat layer and enlarges the contact surface. Our MULTI-LEVEL BASE reduces the difference in target injection depth caused by applied press force, thereby reducing the risk of intramuscular injection. Designed for a more reliable injection depth to help ensure insulin gets where it needs to go.


It's as thin as 2 human hairs and is designed for less pain.


Pain is primarily related to needle thickness. There are 100-200 pain receptors per cm² of human skin surface. Our needle decreases the probability of touching the pain receptors, making the insulin injection less painful.

Inner Cannula Electropolishing Procedure

We have a unique high-technology manufacturing process that polishes the inner and outer cannula, removing the tiny blemishes and rough cause scabs and painful skin tearing.

Super Stick Adhesive
Double Coating

We added a second layer of silicone oil lubrication to make smoother glide into the skin a painless experience.


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