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Insulin Needle Survey!

Thank you for your feedback!

We use your Feedback on surveys like this to determine how we can improve our service to you in the future. 

1. Are you pharmacist or patient?
If you are a pharmacist, Please go to question #7
2. As a patient, how do you rate the comfort of our MediSure insulin needles?
3. How do you rate the quality of MediSure insulin needles?
4. Did you face any trouble while using the needles?
5. Did you report the issue to our quality control department
6. If yes, How satisfied are you from our response and support?
7. Have any of your customer complained about the needles quality?
8. If yes, How do you deal with such situations:
9. Do you think that the our needles helped patients relieve injection pain?
10. Was the training provided by our team enough for patients?


Someone from our team will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours