Mental-Health Problems That Could Occur In A Person Diagnosed With Diabetes

People with diabetes can experience mental-health issues like depression, anxiety and eating disorders etc.

Diabetes can be challenging for the individual with diabetes and their families. It can have an impact on lives. There can be an increase of mental health issues that are quite different from mental health disorders. Depression anxiety and eating disorders are just some of the issues these individuals can experience.

A person with diabetes can also experience different levels of feelings. Like for example, distractions, feeling listless, sometimes sad, or uneasy. These feelings could be long lasting, and they could possibly lead to a form of clinical depression.

Sometimes a person diagnosed with diabetes worries about things for example, Is your blood glucose at the right level; are there or will there be complications and the list of concerns might grow? It has been found that people with diabetes might begin to feel powerless at times or might just want to give up. Here are some of the signs to watch for:

  • lapses in blood glucose monitoring,
  • reducing or stopping insulin injections,
  • not caring about nutrition,
  • no longer exercising and
  • ignoring or trying to forget about the diabetes.

You can find out more in this article by Valérie S. Legendre M.A

The same issues and topic above were also discussed in details by the Diabetes Canada Clinical Practice Guidelines Expert Committee at the following website: Psychological Effects of Diabetes in Adults

What About Children?

According to the Children’s Diabetes Foundation Depression is seen in 15-20% of youth with type 1 diabetes, It is not rare that some depression might occur after a diagnosis of diabetes but it is also important that the depression should be treated through a screening process.

The article continues to describe the other mental health risks associated with diabetes management which include, suicidal ideation, eating disorders, glucose level anxieties, fear of needles, which all can be helped with proper screening and referrals.

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