MediSure Canada Inc: An Onsite Participant at the 2018 Canadian Sun Life Walk to Cure Diabetes for JDRF

On Sunday, June 10th, 2018, MediSure Canada was proud to be a booth participant at the Canadian Sun Life Walk to Cure Diabetes for JDRF. Thousands of Canadians came out and supported this event which was held in 65 different cities in Canada. By all accounts the JRDF Walkathon was a smashing success in every location, raising funds which are needed to support critical JRDF research in Canada, research which is aimed at eradicating Diabetes forever.

At the Toronto location, the MediSure Team showcased and sold its new “No-Ouch” Genteel® Lancing Device directly to those attending the Walkathon, with 10% of all sales at the event going to the JRDF. The MediSure Canada tent was jammed throughout the event with buyers and we could not believe what a success the Genteel™ product was!

Beyond the thousands of dollars that MediSure will contribute to the JDRF from this sponsorship, it was rewarding to see the smiles of thanks from those who tried and bought their own Genteel™, and it was especially rewarding to see the smiles on the faces of the young children who live with Type 1 Diabetes and have to poke themselves many times every day. Right behind these smiling young customers were their smiling parents or relatives, most who were happy to pay for a unit on the spot with a credit card.

For those who could not get into the tent and purchase, they took a coupon to use after the event, allowing them to buy the Genteel™ directly from our online web store www.mygenteel.ca. This week immediately after the Walkathon, we have had numerous Genteel™ coupon sales at our web store, and so we now know that once these consumers aware of Genteel™, they see it as a highly-desirable and affordable product – and this awareness at the point of sale almost always leads directly to a sale.

MediSure Canada is a fast growing privately held Canadian company and is proud to be a Partner of JDRF and to make the Genteel™ Lancing Device available to all Canadians who are living with Diabetes.


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