How your fitness goals will help you focus on you and not Omicron

Fitness and health resolutions do not have to be fulfilled by a gym, and Omicron should not be an excuse to not stick to your New Year’s resolution this year! Instead, being active and improving your lifestyle can be simple fixes and minor additions to our everyday life. With COVID-19 still on the rise, and diabetes still being a daily battle for many individuals, it is crucial that we understand the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and moving our bodies – all while keeping up with our New Year’s resolution!

Here are some fitness resolutions for 2022 you can make to ensure your health is your priority.

1. Healthy and Balanced Eating Habits

For people with diabetes, the food you eat has a significant impact on your health and wellbeing. Of course, you can still enjoy your favorite foods and indulge, but always in moderation. A great way to improve your healthy food intake is slowly adding more fruits and vegetables to every meal and limiting alcohol intake. Making sure you are eating enough and consuming foods beneficial for your health and diabetic needs will improve your overall lifestyle. Consulting your health care professional about which foods work for you is a great place to start!

 2. Getting Active.

Fitness and working out may seem like an intimidating thing to start, but in reality, moving your body and being active for at least thirty minutes a day is proven to increase a person’s physical and mental health – especially for those with diabetes. Being active keeps your blood sugar levels within a normal range and decreases the chances of low or high blood sugar levels. Taking a walk around your neighborhood, playing a sport, or even doing a short workout circuit during commercials will positively impact your health and wellness. Fitness goals can be made and fulfilled at home, too, not just at a gym!

3. Track your Progress.

If you feel like you are losing motivation, writing out your goals and keeping track of what you are doing will help you maintain a positive mindset! For example, try writing a daily To-Do List every morning or complete a nightly log with the foods you want to include in every meal, the type of activity you will and did accomplish today, and how bettering your health will benefit you. With these tips, always remember that your health and wellness should come first and that everyone’s goals are different!

Happy New Year and good luck with your new healthy lifestyle from the MediSure Team!

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