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Frequently Asked Questions.

Consult your health care provider for testing frequency related to you condition. We recommend testing your blood sugar at least once a day before meal, or two hours after a meal when your blood glucose levels are stable.

There are a number of Criterial in order to license a glucometer for use in multi user environment. If you are a Health Care Professional and you are using a glucometer in a multi patient setting, Be sure that you are using a licensed multi user glucometer. Learn more at https://www.medisure.ca/multi-user-meter/

Read about it in section “Is your Glucometer Licensed for Multiple Patients”

Each box of test strips and vial has the expiry month printed. Test strips expire at the end of the calendar month. When opening a vial of test strips. Remove the tamper proof tape completely and write down the open/expiry date – exactly 90 days after you opened the vial of test strips. Do not use test strips after the end of the expiry month, or the open/expiry date – whichever comes first

No. Your results and averages are not lost when you change your battery. The only thing needed is to set the date and time of the glucometer.

An E1 error happens when one of a number of things occur:

  1. You sample your blood before you place the test strip in the meter. Always insert the test strip into the meter before sampling your blood.
  2.  Reusing a test strip. The Test strip cannot be used more than once. Remove and discard the test strip in a sharps container after use.
  3. The sample was insufficient and you tried to re-sample. Remove and dispose of test strip and use a new test strip.

This in actually an “EB” or battery low error. Replace battery with a new CR2032 battery and set date and time on the meter.

Power meter with the “M” button. Press “M” twice more. Press “S” to power off.

Call us at 1-855-634-7873 or email customerservice @ medisure.ca.

Yes. Do not test if your blood sugar levels are fluctuating rapidly.

  • Do not test if you are dehydrated, in shock or in a hyperosmolar state.
  • Do not test if you are taking therapeutic levels of L-dopa, Dopamin, ascorbic acid/vitamin c, or acetaminophen (Tylenol)
  • Do not test if you are experience an attack of of Gout.

Consult your health Provider when in doubt.

Consult your health care provider when you are in any doubt. Here are some actions to take:

  • See above conditions when you should not use MediSure.
  • Make sure that the test strips have not expired or the vial has not been opened > 90 days before.
  • Make sure that you are testing in optimal (room temperature) conditions and that you have stored your test strips properly.
  • Test a second time.
  • Perform a control solution test (see your pharmacist for control solution or call 1-855-634-7873).

If your results continue to vary, consult your health care provider and call us at 1-855-634-7873 or email customerservice @ medisure.ca. We take our accuracy seriously and want to help you always.


1. Where it was located on the meter, the year is on the bottom right side and the date will show up on the left side once you set the year

2. Make sure to press the M button to save the year, then doing the same thing for the date, and subsequently the time

3. There is the option of setting the reminder. You can select a reminder if you want or stop once the date is set and allow the meter to shut off

4. Also not know that the meter takes about 2 minutes to shut of

5. These instructions are on page 6 in the User Manual included with your meter.

The Genteel on our site are the original Genteel and you can use any lancet.

Genteel is compatible with all meter and test-strip brands. With Genteel Plus, you can use most square shaft lancets on the market.

We always recommend starting with the thickest one first (Blue), and working your way down to the thinner tips until you find your sweet spot. You may find that one contact tip works great for one area of the body, while another color works better for another part.

Overall, it’s important to test it out to find what works for your individual needs.


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