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Vitamin D and the risk of Dementia

Vitamin D deficiency has long been rumoured to be associated with an increased risk of dementia. Recent studies show boosting low vitamin D levels helps protect the brain against a loss of cognitive skills or functions we start to lose as we age. “Dementia is a progressive and debilitating disease that can devastate individuals and families alike,”

Hypponen said. “Most of us are likely to be OK, but for anyone who for whatever reason may not receive enough vitamin D from the sun, modifications to diet may not be enough, and supplementation may well be needed.”

“Vitamin D is a hormone precursor that is increasingly recognized for widespread effects, including on brain health, but until now, it has been very difficult to examine what would happen if we were able to prevent vitamin D deficiency,” Elina Hypponen, PhD, senior study author and director of the Australian Centre for Precision Health at the University of South Australia, said in a statement.

Her study is the first to research the effect of very low levels of vitamin D on the risks of dementia and stroke.

Clinical trials researching the effect of vitamin D on cognitive outcomes have given scientists and patients new hope for a brighter future.


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