Blood Glucose Meters and Test Strips

You can manage your diabetes successfully by testing your blood glucose (sugar) level at home. Especially in the summertime during the heat, your blood glucose level can be erratic at times. You may be going on vacation and driving many kilometers to get there – take extra care when driving. Test your blood sugar before and after each journey and stop regularly to check your blood sugar during longer journeys. Blood glucose meters help you do this. However, you need to use them properly for the results to be accurate.

You can find instructions here for using and storing your blood glucose meter, lancing device with lancet (small needle), controls and test strips. There is documentation, and a video on how to use your Glucose Meter.

Tips for Accurate Test Results

In Canada, results are displayed as mmol/L, or millimoles of glucose per litre of blood. To make sure your blood glucose tests are accurate, follow these tips.

  • read the manual and test strip package insert for information on safety and warnings
  • follow the instructions carefully
  • test your meter with a control solution regularly, following the instructions in your manual, to make sure it is operating properly
  • use only the test strips and controls that are recommended in the manual for your glucose meter
  • wash your hands before the test, making sure no food, sugar or moisturizer is on your skin
  • use warm water when you wash to encourage blood flow
  • dry your hands well to avoid diluting your blood sample
  • use a new sterile lancet for each test
  • never share your lancing device with anyone else to prevent the spread of disease

Our meters can be operated safely with the following conditions

  • Temperature =36° ~ +86°F (+2°~ +30°C) Humidity RH <80% for test strips
  • Temperature +50° ~ +104°F (+10°~ +40°C) Humidity RH <80% operating conditions

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Managing Diabetes with MediSure

For people with either type of diabetes, regular glucose testing is essential. MediSure Canada offers everything you need to stay on top of your glucose management.

If you find taking your sugar reading painful, there are other options. For example, the Genteel lancing device can painlessly extract a single drop of blood for quick, easy testing.

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