Christmas and Gatherings

Tips and ways to stay on course. What foods to avoid. Eating health prior to the party, to reduce picking or eating all evening Healthy eating for people with diabetes is the same as for everyone else. Everything can still be enjoyed as long as it is done in moderation. You shouldn’t fast before a …

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National Diabetes Month

November is National Diabetes Month Diabetes is a disease in which your body either can’t produce insulin or can’t properly use the insulin it produces. No matter which type you are diagnosed with, living with diabetes is not easy. If you develop diabetes, it is not because you eat too much sugar. According to the facts and …

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Cold Weather Ahead

With the change in temperature and the colder weather, regular testing should help you keep you sugar levels under control. Changes in temperatures can affect your blood sugar levels, also your testing equipment or medications. It Is best practice to keep your supplies out of the cold. Our meters can be operated safely with the …

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Diabetes and Covid-19

Information on Covid-19 Studies have shown that COVID-19 can cause more severe symptoms and complications in people living with diabetes. It is important to minimize this risk by being proactive with your prevention strategies.  For people with underlying health conditions such as diabetes, extra take steps should be taken to avoid this significant risk. For …

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Mental-Health Problems That Could Occur In A Person Diagnosed With Diabetes

People with diabetes can experience mental-health issues like depression, anxiety and eating disorders etc. Diabetes can be challenging for the individual with diabetes and their families. It can have an impact on lives. There can be an increase of mental health issues that are quite different from mental health disorders. Depression anxiety and eating disorders …

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Top Five High Risk Practices

Recommendations and occupational health and safety responsibilities. 1. Lancets, glucometers and insulin pens Lancets must be single use only. Lancet hubs (holds the lancet) must be single use only. Insulin pens must be single patient use only. Blood glucose monitoring devices (Glucometers) and other blood testing devices, should not be shared between patients. If they must be shared, …

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