Are you Getting Enough Sunshine? 

Summer is here, and there is no doubt that Canadians are excited for longer days and warmer weather. Spending more time outside and taking in those rays are exactly what people need after months of cold weather and limited hours of sun. 


Vitamin D, commonly known as the sunshine vitamin, is crucial for our health. It regulates our blood levels, increases our energy, and reduces our risk of severe diseases and illnesses. If you’re planning on kickstarting your health journey this summer, prioritizing your vitamin D intake should be the first place to start. 


Here are some key benefits of Vitamin D:


Increased Energy 

One of the worst feelings is having low energy and little motivation when you have a never-ending list of things to accomplish. As working individuals, we are non-stop and constantly on the go, so your vitamin D intake is essential for our hectic daily to-do’s. In addition, vitamin D has vital antioxidant properties that increase our energy and brain cell activity. Being outside is like drinking a cup of coffee but has more health benefits than caffeine! It energizes you and keeps your mind alert. Try setting a goal for yourself this summer that gets you outside and in the sunshine. Just wait and see what this will do to your energy!


Better Immunity Health 

COVID-19 isn’t the only virus that is spreading around. Common sicknesses like the cold and flu are always prevalent, especially with regular-season changes in Canada. To build up your immunity and fight these illnesses and more severe ones, taking daily vitamin D vitamins and supplements is an effective and easy way to boost your immune system and maintain your health. No one likes being sick. But being sick and deficient in vitamin D is a duo you want to avoid. Be sure to stock up on your vitamins and create a solid routine that works for you. The recommended vitamin D intake is around 400-800 IU per day or 10-20 micrograms. If you are prediabetic or have diabetes, taking 1,000-4,000 IU (25 micrograms) is suggested per day to maintain optimal blood levels. 


Improves Mental Health 

Depression is one of the leading mental illnesses in Canada and has a significant impact on people’s daily lives. Prioritizing your physical health is one thing, but your mental health should be just as important. The great thing about vitamin D is that it improves both. The sunshine vitamin is known to improve symptoms of those already diagnosed with depression. The Endocrine Society did a small study in 2012 that studied three women’s depression when they were treated for vitamin D deficiency. The study found that the women’s moods significantly improved, and they felt happier when introducing vitamin D into their daily routine.


Improves Dental Health 

When you think about dental health and how to maintain it, your first thought would be to brush your teeth regularly? But, did it ever occur to you that vitamin D is a vital aspect of our teeth’s formation and dental health? Vitamin D strengthens our teeth and maintains our gum health with regular supplement consumption. Researchers reported that those deficient in vitamin D were also at risk for gum disease. So, keep your pearly whites strong by increasing your vitamin D intake!


Improving your lifestyle can be one simple fix, and the sunshine vitamin has the proper nutrients and an endless list of health benefits to kickstart your journey. Talk to your healthcare physician about how you should incorporate vitamin D into your daily routine. 


Get a little extra sunshine!

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