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3 Celebrities with Diabetes

MediSure knows that being diagnosed with diabetes can bring many different emotions to the surface. It is a huge lifestyle change, and can lead many people to feel alone and stressed. However, diabetes is a much more common disease than you may think. There are even many celebrities that deal with diabetes and test their blood sugar levels regularly. Here are 3 celebrity stories that you might relate to:

Halle Berry

This Oscar-winning actress was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 22.  Halle passed out on the set of a TV show and slipped into a weeklong coma. The cause of the coma was Halle’s undiscovered cased of type 1 diabetes. 17 years later at the age of 39, Halle announced that she now has type 2 diabetes. Throughout her career Halle Berry has never let diabetes hold her back. She is currently 46 years old and is expected to give birth in the fall.

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas is the youngest of 3 brothers in the pop rock band “The Jonas Brothers.” He is a role model for many teenagers, and he has type 1 diabetes. At the age of 16, Nick was diagnosed with his blood sugar level over 700. He made a public announcement about living with type 1 diabetes a year and a half later at a charity event to inspire other kids. Nick’s message to all the newly diagnosed kids with diabetes is to keep a positive attitude and keep moving forward. Nick Jonas is currently 20 years old and is still rocking out on the guitar alongside his two older brothers, Joe and Kevin.

Randy Jackson

The famous musician and popular producer was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 1999. At the time, Randy weighed more than 300 pounds. After being diagnosed he made a serious lifestyle change that included exercising and eating healthy. Today, Randy has resigned from American Idol after 12 seasons with the show. He is looking for his next big project to tackle while still maintaining his healthy lifestyle.

These 3 very different celebrities are not only proof that diabetes can happen to anyone, but that you can still have a full and happy life! Be sure to keep a positive attitude and live your life to the fullest without letting diabetes slow you down!


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